In 2015 we made 3 x 40 min episodes (for the glassbeadgame podcast series) in an attempt to understand what's happening to the climate and how we should think about the only planet we have to live on.  ⁠

Five years on, much has changed and yet many of the same problems remain. And whilst we currently face new and real threats to our health and well being - by far the majority of this audio content is as relevant today as it was in 2015.  The  testimony of these interviewees and academics, we believe, represent voices of profound reason in the necessary on going discussion about what climate change means for all of us.  So it's with this good will and belief in their enduring importance that we are re-releasing them at this time.  We hope that listeners will get as much out of them now as they seemed to the first time around!  ⁠

  • Indigenous Oil - took us to the tar sands of northern Alberta and as far west as the island of Cortez to talk to indigenous groups about negotiating land rights and water use in northern Canada (featuring David Attenborough).  ⁠

  • Direct Action -  saw us attending the Cop 21 climate summit in Paris and address the efficacy of Direct Action as a way to effectively speak truth to power.  (featuring David Attenborough, Naomi Klien - No Logo, This changes everything and Rex Wyler, Green Peace). ⁠

  • The Attenborough Interview - a forty minute chat with one of the worlds most loved broadcasters.  ⁠