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Will Hood is a research associate with the University of Sussex, an award winning documentarian and an audio anthropologist.  Having spent a decade making independent films for TV (BBC, C4) and festival (SXSW, IDFA) Will has been making radio documentaries for higher Education (directing and editing 'the glass bead game' a HEFCE funded podcast series and IMPACTED, a series for the University of Sussex. 

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Rob Alexander has been producing multi-media for international broadcast, cinema, arts and education for two decades, for; BBC, Channel Four, Film Four, Netflix, RAI Italy, SVT Sweden, Open University and the Arts Council UK.  He has also produced a variety of radio for BBC 2, 3, 4 and the World Service. 

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Bibi Letts is an anthropology and development studies graduate. And has worked as a researcher and assistant producer for the Glass Bead Game podcast since it's inception in 2015.   Interested in people and untold stories she has recently started working with the English Collective of Prostitutes, campaigning for decriminalisation.   She loves diligently excavating the bones of any subject and talking to people she disagrees with.  

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