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We believe in the unique power of audio to engage new audiences with long form complex discussion.  In a noisy world of ubiquitous quick information media - the podcast is the one popular platform, capable of bringing a rich and nuanced understanding of difficult subjects to a listener's ear. Turning a smartphone into a lecture hall, your research can now be accessible to anyone that wishes to join in the conversation. Our team of highly experienced academic researchers and award winning media professionals will work with you to build a bespoke channel, that shares your ideas and grows your community. Contact us now to discuss your ideas and to tell us what's special about your work.  


RSS Subscription : Once subscribed your audience receives content directly to their device.  Released on your schedule - consumed on theirs  

Stats : Receive real time information about where your audience are when they listen and through which platform they found you

Social Media Content : At the click of a mouse, quality content can be shared amongst all those with an interest in what you do

Hyperlink to Published Papers & Resources : For those wishing to dig deeper in to your work - links can be provided on RSS feed and custom website

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Connect directly with your

audience and on their schedule


Discuss complex ideas with

no time limit or censorship


High production values at a

fraction of the cost of video


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"This is simply excellent. I always look upon such recordings with trepidation, as we are on such sensitive terrain, and a word out of place can spell castastrophe but you have navigated this brilliantly and there is nothing here that I would not stand by. In fact, I'm enormously impressed by the way you and your team have handled this."

Professor James Fairhead, University Of Sussex  


A two part interview with the much loved broadcaster Sir David Attenborough 

P L A Y 

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An equiry into Direct Action as an effective way to tackle climate change.  Feat: Naomi Klein 

P L A Y 

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P L A Y 

Neroscientist Anil Seth explores what it means to be concious

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